Images in eMotion

Michael Edo Keane


My fave framegrab from last weekends Music Video shoot at The Mint in LA. Motown Records Artist BJ The Chicago Kid and his track Womans World.  Shot on my Red Epic Dragon.

BJTCK_at the Mint LA MV FrameFramegrab from BJCTK music video for Womans World

Hula's Commercial Shoot in Santa Cruz and Monterey

Had a fun trip up the Central Coast with Director Jacob Arden McClure shooting a lifestyle spot for a great restaurant called Hula's. Went to a bunch of classic California spots, skate park, beach and Berry farm in the Santa Cruz area, then a day of interior shooting at their flagship restaurant right off of Cannery Row in Monterey. Loving the color I'm getting out of the Red Epic Dragon.


Interview with John Cale


Had the pleasure of interviewing John Cale, legendary founding member of the Velvet Underground as well as renowned solo artist for the documentary I am making on Rob Nilsson. We began by discussing the experience of working with Rob on his documentary of John's tour of Russia with Brian Eno, "Words for the Dying". We also explored many other topics including his upcoming album as well as a fascinating observation on working with modern technology. John spoke of "breaking" its tendencies in order to create something new, really a great perspective to take towards filmmaking as well.

Rob Nilsson feature film shoot "Love Twice"

Just finished shooting a couple days on Rob Nilsson's new feature "Love Twice". Great crew and actors, including film and tv vet Carl Lumbly.


Major Myjah Music Video Shoot

Recently shot a music video for a very talented young artist about to drop his first release through Warner Brothers. He has an r&b sound that is very sophisticated for his 18 years of age. .The video is still being prepped for release but here are some frame grabs.


Shots from Milos Island, Greece

A short video from a recent trip to the beautiful island of Milos, in the Greek Cyclades. Mainly static shots as we only had a gorrillapod at our disposal.  In between chilling out setup a few compositions to look at the qualities of the new Panasonic GH4.  Amazing detail, ok dynamic range, awesome utility stills and video camera for 1700 US.  Will try and post some shots from London and Sofia if time allows

Rob Nilsson Documentary Project Underway

Started work on a project looking at the life and work of legendary independent filmmaker Rob Nilsson. I have known Rob for many years now and we have often discussed doing a doc on his illustrious life. This piece will look at Rob's three decade plus experience as a filmmaker as well as his process in making his latest film "Love Twice".  Its a massive project as Rob has made over thirty feature films but it is very exciting to finally get this project underway.

Gunpowder Tea Lab Video Wall Installation

We just finished a project shot on the Red for the grand opening of the Gunpowder Tea Lab in Venica, Ca. The objective was to create a 15 minute looping video installation to be played on their in-store video wall. You can see it live at 202 Main St in Venice.